Successful Projects

Since 2009, I have performed more than a thousand of successful design projects that has helped to establish myself as a highly qualified expert in graphic design and visual arts.


Business Partners

While performing a job as a graphic designer, I gained the trust of hundreds of clients, and almost all of them became reliable partners, regular customers and good friends.


Years of Experience

More than ten years of art education and experience in advertising has formed a clear system of principles that became the basis for services I provide.

What is Kovalov Concept?
My own creative vision focused on graphic design!

Discover new opportunities of getting quality solutions for your business with my help.

Corporate Identity

System of rules and a strict requirements that I use to create unique corporate identities for my clients help them to build emotional, sincere and innovative relationships with their customers.

Logo Design

I am committed to invent the perfect logo for your organization, because I use a complex approach for creating unique images that would bring out all the benefits and special features of your business.

Editorial Production

My experience in sales confirms the need for printed production to be original and unique, especially during an advertising campaign. That is why I offer exclusive high-quality printed products.

Who Am I?
Friendly person who knows perfectly how to work!

My ability to listen, discuss, analyze and innovate makes me an increasingly competitive in graphic design.

Oleksii Kovalov


I am engaged in graphic design business since 2005; in 2009 Kovalov Concept was established and the main directions for my company, such as Corporate Identity, Logo Design and Editorial Production, were identified. In several years, it became more than just a job. Now it’s my lifestyle, which fuels my passion to create aesthetic beauty. I am always pleased to meet you as open-minded customers, reliable partners or simply pleasant people. Let’s develop together and reach the highest point of understanding in cooperation with each other my friends!

Check my skills!


Computer Graphic

Laptop and graphics tablet are always with me to help perform the best results doing my job.


Hand Drawing

Practice 24/7 to express thoughts through my sketches instead of dozens of words.


Film Photography

Old camera is my best friend when I want to spend time alone with my thoughts.


Exclusive Copywriting

More than just a hobby. This is the way to reflect actual and real in hidden.

Some of my secrets!


I found that the value lies in the symbiosis between both concepts of newness that attracts and unknown that repels. In my projects I always try to achieve the compliance with current trends.


I engage every effort to find quality solution among many compromises between both sides while performing my job. The result should reach my expectations as an artist and be relevant to my client’s needs.


The world around is vivid and fast. Each client is an individual in cooperation. I do my best to find a personal approach to understand the ultimate goal.


Each developed project is a business investment. I aim to reach best results in creating designs that would make my clients to return for further cooperation.

Some of my projects

Graphic design is an ongoing dance of forms, colors and other elements of expression, eventually merged into a beautiful visual harmony.

Express Document

  • December, 2013
  • 493

Aritmia Ambient Project

  • March, 2014
  • 572

UniCredit Bank

  • September, 2013
  • 348

UniCredit Bank

  • September, 2013
  • 331

Marketing Mix

  • July, 2013
  • 286

Qroro Adult Films

  • February, 2014
  • 534

Domus Design Studio

  • October, 2013
  • 427

Two Body Jeans Wear

  • January, 2014
  • 581

Expoart Festival

  • March, 2013
  • 672

Express Document

  • November, 2013
  • 279

Express Document

  • February, 2013
  • 412

Totointeriero Light Boutique

  • November, 2013
  • 534

UniCredit Bank

  • March, 2013
  • 328

UniCredit Bank

  • May, 2013
  • 294

Vladimir Kapustin

  • October, 2012
  • 769

Ibdi Technical Support

  • September, 2013
  • 214

Courtis Law Office

  • September, 2012
  • 498

Locb Clothing

  • May, 2013
  • 472

UniCredit Bank

  • Novenber, 2012
  • 221

UniCredit Bank

  • Novenber, 2012
  • 219

Rimstrong Restaurant

  • November, 2012
  • 217

February Phoma

  • September, 2013
  • 378

Ukrainian Adoption Law Center

  • September, 2012
  • 263

Ukrainian Adoption Law Center

  • September, 2012
  • 287

KO Design Studio

  • December, 2011
  • 754

Frank Dive

  • January, 2011
  • 471

Courtis Law Office

  • February, 2011
  • 562

Courtis Law Office

  • February, 2011
  • 527

Courtis Law Office

  • October, 2012
  • 265

Courtis Law Office

  • October, 2012
  • 257

Yves Rocher Ukraine

  • October, 2011
  • 496


  • September, 2012
  • 261

Mark O'Muller

  • June, 2012
  • 261

UniCredit Bank

  • June, 2012
  • 379

Isterica Urban Clothing

  • March, 2012
  • 378

Wild Elk Bar

  • January, 2012
  • 489

Courtis Law Office

  • June, 2011
  • October

Courtis Law Office

  • October, 2011
  • 283

Burenergo Engineering

  • June, 2011
  • 157

KO Design Studio

  • August, 2011
  • 391

Artosgenus Art Gallery

  • July, 2011
  • 452

Mif Dating Agency

  • May, 2010
  • 612

Ukrainian Adoption Law Center

  • November, 2010
  • 504

Ukrainian Adoption Law Center

  • November, 2010
  • 547

MTI Group

  • November, 2010
  • 423

MTI Group

  • November, 2010
  • 531

MTI Group

  • November, 2010
  • 286

Freak Fashion Project

  • March, 2010
  • 254

MPS Group

  • June, 2010
  • 396

AR Code Support

  • November, 2009
  • 641

Zaporizhstal JSC

  • September, 2010
  • 421

Eight Bit People

  • December, 2009
  • 720

Nik Deko Tension Сeilings

  • November, 2009
  • 632

What is new?

Besides the commercial activities, I like to create social projects, give seminars and spend out my free time.

My Demons | Ink Illustrations

  • 1 February, 2015
  • 753

From '11 to '14 I often painted some strange faces. I made drawings mostly on paper, but sometimes I used carton boxes, pieces of plastic or old walls in the forgotten lanes. Sometimes it seemed me that these images are the mirror of my inner demons. Every picture reflects the particular mood of that moment.

SHOTI | Storybook

  • 16 January, 2015
  • 683

One of my hobby is writing short stories. I liked it so much from childhood. After a while, I decided to share some of them with you. Thus I created a collection named SHOTI, which included stories from '10 to '14. To revive text blocks I painted the abstract illustrations, then composed it all and uploaded to the network.

INFOYAMA or How to Get in to the Right Place | Public Project

  • 24 October, 2014
  • 419

After my first week in Kiev, I noticed lack of navigation facilities in the streets. Later, I found the way to solve this problem. The main objective of this project is to demonstrate an example of using the paving pits as navigation art objects in the urban environment.

Architecture Portfolio or the Scheme of a Raisin | Lecture

  • 16 October, 2014
  • 573

October 16th at 6.30 pm in the House of the Architect (Kiev), I will give a lecture about the features of portfolio layout for architects and designers. Start at 18.30. Admission is free. More/
Supported by Zotov & Co and CANactions the International Festival of Architecture.

Abyss of Lines or How to Make the Competent Logo | Discussion

  • 30 August, 2014
  • 496

My friends often ask me about the logo creation. Therefore, I've decided to make a presentation and share with you my knowledge in this field. Whoever wants attend the event please contact me by email. Discussion of the logo design will be held at my place 30th of August.

Centeroids | Film Photography

  • 12 March, 2014
  • 760

This project includes three photographs that were taken on a medium format camera Lubitel-2
using black and white film Shanghai GP3. As a result of this experiment three fashion posters
were created.

Ukraine:\>system format | Social Advertising

  • 10 January, 2014
  • 1385

The beginning of this year was too difficult for my country. Waves of revolutionary protests were turned into the civil war. Ukrainian nation struggled to break free from corrupted government. These posters reflect my civil attitude and urge the public to make a right choice. Glory to Ukraine!

Far Bar Resto Room | Logotype

  • 9 February, 2014
  • 477

This presentation is about the logotype design. Consistent work with the form shows us the evolution of logo. At each step, I made some notes to involve the client or a casual viewer into the whole process.

Centeroids | Brand Flyers

  • 29 April, 2014
  • 587

I am pleased to share with you my next graphic project. Here I aimed to show natural symbiosis of film photography and print design. The main idea is that everything is in constant motion. Each card represents a certain state of motion.

Kukarm | Logotype, Naming

  • 11 March, 2014
  • 681

Every trademark meets certain requirements. The main requirement from the customer for creating this logotype was visual presence. That is why the geometry is quite simple and concise. To make the graphic shape, I used the simple principles of sharp forms.

The Steps of Violence | Social Project

  • 17 January, 2014
  • 751

In the modern society, violence has taken the form of a complex system of social communications, which includes the following steps: restriction, suppression, aggression, exhaustion, aversion, humiliation, subjugation and the final step is destruction. Let's stop the violence!

Spheroids | Brand Posters

  • 17 January, 2014
  • 751

Nowadays there are many tools for creating artworks. This project is a real experiment even for me as professional, because all these lines are nothing more than digital code (something like the codeart). All received images were used to create corporate posters.

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